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This was incredible! I hope to see this as a full series one day or at the very least, I hope to see more works from the creative minds behind this.

False Memory simultaneously had the feeling of something fresh/new but also something nostalgic/cosy. The colour palettes, emotionally thematic storytelling and music very much reminded me of F.L.C.L, yet it never detracted from the freshness of the experience.
Often I find it hard to sit through web animations for the simple fact I know their story is going to set up big things yet will also be over in such a short time span that it will never expand on those things.

This however was different. I was hooked as soon as the recycling place was showed off.
The perfect amount of ambiguity to hint at a bigger world, with a nice, condensed and conclusive story that left me emotionally satisfied as well as entertained.

Fantastic work!

Sincerely yours-

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I made a note to check out your account when you popped up in my notifs and man am I glad I did, your art is sick. I love the way you render, reminds me of the kind of art you'd see promoting ps2 games. It's withered but lively at the same time. It's awesome, keep it up.

VampryGX responds:

Thank you very much! I unfortunately don't post most of my art on here for the simple fact that I just forget to, I'm glad you like it though! I like your art a lot too, and one of them's a NieR study specifically with Kainé so I know you can be trusted.

Adore how cute this is. The angle, how clean the shading is, the smooth but semi-angular look.
It looks like a kick-ass frame out of some hypothetical Darkstalkers series, great work.

I absolutely adore this, the contrast is fantastic and catches my eye in the same way old thrillers from the 70s or messed up 1990's anime OVA covers would.
Great job, you've a movie style poster for a film I desperately want to see but does not exist.

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